Key Grocery and Quilts

Our store is probably 99% groceries and 1% quilt-y stuff. We do have specialty items such as Pashofa and Delicious Stan-made Chili. We  carry Bulk Garden Seed and organic soil amendments/fertilizers.  We also stock WATERBLOCKER Hand Creme--the best we've ever found for people whose hands are in water a lot,or are just dry-skinned. It has beeswax in it and is made in northeast Texas.

 The quilt-y part is books, tools and notions very similar to what I cart to any classes I teach.  I have some fun sewing pins and small mobile sharp scissors, lots of patterns and books-- Brand New! Some designer fat quarter bundles are availabe, as well as a charm pack or two, maybe some layer cakes. (Quilters know what these are!) Finished quilts available for purchase are hung on the walls, as well as tops (not quilted).