Saturday, June 23, 2018

Our shop, Key Grocery and Quilts, is my happy place.  I hope it's a happy place for many of you as well!    Consider this your invitation to join us anytime!  Especially on July 13-14.  We'll be having a party like Christmas in July.  I know you've heard of that.  

Kim Christopherson is one of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  In February, I got to visit her business and her sister's quilt shop in Logan, Utah.  That was my second  time to see mountains covered in snow.  It was lovely! 

Our workshop was held in the HUGE classroom above My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe (owned by Kim's sister Kris).  There were top-of-the-line embroidery machines of all kinds.  They had a machine ready to match the types of machines we all sell so each of us sewed with a familiar machine. All we had to learn was the projects, AND all the tips from Kim, Kris and all the other shop owners or educators that were there.   That part was fun enough but there were GAMES thrown in plus FOOD galore.  We were treated like royalty and I wish to do the same for YOU! And all of us attendees graduated to make our shops Kimberbell Certified!

Our 2nd event is called Merry & Bright, and it's all by Kimberbell Designs.  Complete KITS are provided that have exactly the right size fabric pieces included, all embellishments to make our projects as cute as Kim's are, and full-size color instructions.  We have powerpoint presentations to make our following the instructions easier and clearer, and you get a CD with ALL the project designs in several sizes. You can complete them even if your machine's largest hoop is only 5" x 7".

I desperately want to share the fun with you!  It's the only time I've ever seen KITS that have absolutely EVERYTHING included and such preparation done from inception.  The designs have been sewn HUNDREDS of times before they ever leave the workshop in Logan, and all formats are available on the CD.  How far is it to any other  machine embroidery place if you don't come HERE?  and I WANT YOU!   The full price for TWO DAYS of projects is  $169, and it includes 2 meals.  THERE'S A DISCOUNT OF $20 IF YOU SIGN UP BY MONDAY  so go HERE to sign up RIGHT NOW! (PLEASE)

We'll be closed for vacation from July 4 through July 9. Valero is having their yearly BBQ on Broadway right in front of store's a good time to take a break.  But we'll be ready for you to come party with us that weekend, Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14.  Don't miss it! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

What's our Purpose here at the shop?
A friend once asked me did I want to be a quilt shop, a sewing  machine shop, an embroidery shop, a quilting business (as in finish quilts)? 
The friend's point was that this one little shop can't be everything to everybody- not even to me!  Apparently I'm still trying, though, because our little shop is overflowing with goodies that people have requested or that I've seen and know they're good, etc.  You ought to try to see all the new, ready to order fabrics at Market or that the Saleman brings and yet say "NO" to most of them just because there's no place to put them. Yeah! No room at the Inn -I mean SHOP.

 That was my face after a young lady left around lunchtime.  She'd asked about making a Dutch Doll or Sunbonnet Sue quilt --in pinks.  As we were discussing it, all SORTS of ideas popped up- adding trims and buttons, laces around the skirts, embellishing the bonnets, etc.  Even making some of them 3D!
THAT's WHY I have this shop!  I just thoroughly enjoy helping generate ideas and share inspirations.  (And the really best part is that after thinking  "it" up, They have to go execute it, not me! I'm off the hook!!)

Inspiration Social

Here's another thing I'm getting excited about-- the Hooping and Software event we're having on June 16 and June 17.  To register, click on the purple "Inspiration Social" above. You only have to come 1 day, they're both the same. Some people can only come on Saturdays but for others, a weekday is better. And hey--we'll feed you something in the middle of the 4 hours!~ What will you learn?  Attendees will learn how to:
  • hoop everything from a onesie to a terrycloth towel
  • discover the industry’s preferred method of placement
  • measure and mark without leaving a trace
  • land the embroidery where they planned!
  • use the pros’ applique tips
  • create and critique precision lettering
  • turn words into artwork
  • edit designs on the fly
  • transform simple sketches into artistic thread works
  • multiply their embroidery design stash
  • master continuous embroidery
I got to attend an event like this last year - I learned a LOT!  And I acquired a new hoop offered at this event that was extra special when Paula Moses want to applique the tires on a finished/quilted piece.  We programmed a certain size circle on the BROTHER embroidery machine, then hooped the finished quilt in the magnetic hoop for stitching, then just kept moving the quilt down the hoop instead of actually having to Re-Hoop.  It's Awesome!

What 'd you say?  You don't have an Embroidery Machine???  Boy have we got a DEAL for YOU!!
That of course is a BROTHER combination sewing and embroidery machine. We have numerous models at different price points. We also have Embroidery Only machines if you only want to add the possibility to embroidery.  All of the machines will have GREAT prices and there are Special Deals in combination with software.  Financing is possible through DIME or Synchrony.  So start Dreaming! 
Register now so you Don't Miss Out! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I just corresponded with a lady from France - she's eager to receive the kit she purchased Monday.  How long does mail take to get half-way around the world?

I still marvel at how "small" the world has become. Half a century ago, Pen Pals were a cool thing.  Now we can chat with anyone in the world by means of this small machine (computer).  The great thing is-  we quilters are all related through thread and fabric.  It doesn't matter which quilting event I attend or which town it's in-- there are quilters from everywhere and we ALL have our favorite pass time to chat about.

What's new in your part of the world?  My latest excitement is the young women who came for a patchwork lesson this week.  They really seemed to enjoy choosing the fabric and making 9-patches. Their 60" x 60" tops will be done as soon as the borders are added.  Nothing like that feeling of success when a project begins to show the finish is near.  Their pictures with their tops are on Instagram. Hope you've got a minute to watch the feed in the upper right corner to see their beaming faces!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Things have ChANGED!  Having been a full service grocery store for 75 years, we've now almost mastered changing over to QUILTING! Stan still has all kinds of veggie seeds available in bulk.  Seeds can be purchased by the pound or by the little measuring cup, and we've also had school people come in to buy 3 seeds of this, 5 seeds of that, etc, for school projects!

We still have the life-time guaranteed garden tools-- they're Awesome! Even I can use that hoe! But Stan will tell you it's not wise- I "weeded" his watermelon plants out of existence and he had to start over.  We still have all the veggie starter plants in the Spring, and onion sets starting in January. We have organic soil amendments and Stan will help you with all the information you need to have a successful vegetable garden.  He's a wealth of info!

On the quilting side- the Gammill Classic now has the IntelliQuilter equipment so when you desire to rent time on the long-arm,  you might choose to use the IQ vs. taking the time to develop expertise freehand.  We're adding more new  fabric manufacturers to our inventory- new designs, more modern, yet keeping reproduction fabrics, too.   There are hand embroidery supplies and patterns, also machine embroidery!  And we stock Quilters' Choice products by Alex Anderson, produced by Floriani.

Oh, I forgot! We DO have cokes and candy bars and nuts.  I guess that qualifies as "groceries!"

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I hope all of you are on our email list.  Especially if you live in our area, there's an email that went out about an hour ago that Fabric Specialists will want to know about!  It's a secret, though, until you get those emails!

We sure have a lot of new fabrics coming in! We've got some 10 x 10's from Cotton and SteelJo Morton fabrics by AndoverSophia by MakowerPie Making Day by RJRVarsity by MODA,  and these are just a FEW of what's been ordered already.  If you're not familiar with the lines by name, click on each of those to see some thumbnails of the fabrics.
We also got in a new book panel with coordinating fabrics, and some "snack packs"  that are like jelly rolls but packaged differently and there's a free pattern with them on that company's website.  The new ones expected include  a novelty kitchen line, some Snowscapes,  a Woodlands line, even a Santa line.   You'll want to stay on top of things by dropping in from time to time to see what's new!

AND---- we have a RETREAT coming up the 3rd weekend in September. We're going to Le Retreat House  in Gainesville, TX for four days.  No interruptions, sew at any hour, lots of good times.  If you're available, it's a great time to start new projects OR catch up on UFOs!

And THEN, there's MARKET in Houston near the end of October.  If you do "your" part (that means come empty the bolts on our shelves so I'll have room for more!)  then I can do "MY" part (that means shop,shop,shop for even more new fabrics!)   Oh, it's a vicious cycle us fabric fanatics endure, isn't it???

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's almost September-- it's cooling off outside.  Lake Texoma's water level is finally nearing the level hubby wants.  School's starting. Our beautiful grand daughters are now almost-4 and 10months old. Our new little grandson is 10 wks old. Lots of things are changing, aren't they?

Our website got a face-lift not too long ago- that's so it could be readily accessible by mobile devices. I really like the turquoise-ey color,and the old wood effect. Certainly fits our store in the historic district, don't you think?  Paula Moses  has helped get most of our in-store products up on the web-- Tremendous Helper, you are, Paula! I could never have done it by myself!  It's a tough job just " booking" all the new stuff that's  been coming in lately. That area on the upper right, where the new Pie Making Day fabric on bolts from RJR is showing, is our Instagram feed.  FOLLOW us @keyquilter to see what we're up to on a more instant basis.

Our shop is looking  better and better every day! Last summer, we were  blessed with Jane Allen and Lisa Conway who labored to get the fabrics re-arranged periodically and keep my messes less messy! I am not organized-- I'm CREATIVE and no one can be both! 
This last summer, both Jane and Lisa were otherwise engaged-- we sure missed seeing them as much but Jane still held Damocles' sword over Stan's head...apparently!  When Jane would pull up outside, he'd say "uh-oh- here comes Jane, get all the stuff picked up QUICK!"  And when Stan balked at doing our bidding, we'd say "I'm calling Jane!" and he'd say " Oh-No! Not Jane!"  because he knows he has to tow the line for her! After all, She's the one who makes all the cupcakes! 

We still are blessed with Karen Arnold who helps with sewing and quilting when she can. Jovita Black has been our Godsend when we have youngsters who need sewing training. Debbie Stutsman has been helping with cutting Fat Quarters. And-- oh look! There's Paula Moses again, organizing and re-arranging, sewing some samples and learning the IQ, and what a mind she has! Thank you, Lord, for all the needed help. Yesterday and today were the most feels-like-a-real-quilt-shop days I've ever experienced! Love it!

Y'all come on in- don't miss out on the fun!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back in Time

We're having our first Cross Stitch class this Saturday.  We planned it pretty quickly so we'll repeat it if you're not free to come Feb. 21.   Deb Boeken will be providing the foundation on which to build your new hobby!  We have kits for participants that have all you need to get going with a small project:  canvas (Aida), floss, needle, hoop, scissor.   We just need YOU !

Have you ever thought about what hotels are good in your own home area?  Never crossed my mind! I've always heard "there's a first time for everything!" Time used to be when the hotels/motels were all along HWY 77 (Commerce street) but now they're all out along I35! Won't there be a change of atmosphere when leaving the hotels to go downtown to the Historical District and our store??

Good memories were made in a similar transition from the "new time" to "old times".  Several of us used to travel to McKinney, TX, to Sharon's Quilt Depot down on "the Square".  We'd leave hwy 69/75 and drive through a neighborhood of older antique-y looking homes toward the old downtown area and it was like traveling back in time! We' shop & splurge on a tasty lunch across the street- they had the Best Pies!  That quilt shop is where I began to love quilting- and-- that's where I saw the Gammill quilting machines and Linda Taylor!

Next weekend, Saturday, Feb 28, we're having a Bargello quilt class. Our technique guru is Mary Easley from Combine, TX. And we've got a student signed up (Hi!, Maryann!) from New Mexico!  How many of us would love to travel to a class somewhere? Welcome, welcome, welcome to Ardmore and our shop!

We also have a number of other ladies who've signed up--so far only 3 have had their fabric  cut for them. I know y'all others will be getting in as soon as you can...hopefully by Saturday so you can have time to get your first strip sets sewn.  The 3 sets I've seen are all gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the combinations that day!

Lorna, will you bring your very 1st quilt- that bargello one using the Christmas jelly rolls? Everyone will want to see it.  I'll bring mine that I made 10-12 years ago. Mary will be bringing several examples, also! I'd say if you haven't signed up for the class, drop in to see what you're missing and get a peek of the samples, anyway. Always time for a "quilt show!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do you Play Sudoku?

Do you enjoy working puzzles? Crosswords aren't my thing, and 
solving those encryption messes is beyond me. But I do enjoy
working Sudoku puzzles. 
Sudoku puzzles basically use a
 Double 9-patch form.
Each patch, row and column uses digits 0-9
 only one time in each square, row or column.
Do you enjoy picture puzzles?  I do- used to always have one in the works. 
Once, when I worked in Norman, there was an 
"office puzzle" being worked in the break room.  I got
carried away putting pieces in on my break and....well....
Did you know that popcorn in the microwave WILL catch fire? 
Do you get the newsletter from The Quilt Show? Often, there will be a link to a quilt 
done as a picture puzzle. Love 'em but have yet to complete one in under 16 minutes.

Quilts really are puzzles.  I've often compared making the quilt top to "making my own picture puzzle and then working it!"  It's great fun to make the pieces fit and there's no better
satisfaction than finishing a quilt!   Quilted, bound and labelled.

The other day, it hit me. Sudoku, picture puzzles, quilts:  
each has pieces that fit accurately together! Each number or piece of fabric/block fits in just 
one place, but without all the pieces, none is finished.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Raggy Quilt Method!

Next Saturday, Oct. 25, we'll be seeing a NEW BOOK out by Terry Estes.  It's her method for Raggy Quilt making and we'd love to have you join us.   Want to see?
The class is only $25 and that INCLUDES her NEW BOOK! Bring 2 pieces of quilting cottons that are 1-1/2 yards each, and a piece of flannel the same length.  Of course we have fabrics and flannel at our store so we can fix you up here! Wouldn't this be cute in Be Jolly prints?  We'll even give you a 20% discount on your yardages for the class!

You'll also need your machine, scissors, rotary cutter & mat. It'll be a FUN time so we hope you'll come play along.  Sign up at our website on the class page: HERE .  See you then!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Not Another One!

I'm a Quilter! I gave up every other "craft" to do quilting! Wait...I did knit some socks a couple of winters ago. And oh yeah, I forgot Machine Embroidery--I love to do that.  But all the others are pretty much absent: toll painting, needle tatting, afghan crocheting, and even most of the hand embroidery. 

Last Christmas, I was given a card that was SO beautiful and creative.  I hadn't shopped for cards in quite a long time so totally unaware that cards that pretty aren't for purchase!  Nope! That card was hand-made by Sharon Claytor.    Is it possible receiving just one such card could have caused an addiction?  NO! Couldn't be! 

No other sighting of hand made cards has occurred. But--- that was pre-ScanNCut! 
I happened into JoAnn's to check on flannel. Yep- they had some on sale... Wasn't sure what color to get so walked across the store & what do I see?   PAPER! and it was on SALE! Two of those little tablet collections came home with me. Took me a full 24 hours but I did work up the courage to *try* one. Watched a video & learned a LOT!  The video was by Vicky zt This Blog and she's
having a GiveAway! Check it out!
In truth- "paper" still isn't my passion but hey- that machine will cut most anything, including FABRIC! YAY!