Monday, September 7, 2009

FALL- coming soon!

I've heard of people being "in the winter of their life". If I'm old enough now to be tired of the hot summer and looking forward to FALL and cooler weather, does that mean I'm in the Autumn of my life??? Gee, I hope not.

The MacBook Pro that I hinted at last post has arrived and I've been learning about it for a week now. I really am impressed with all it will do, all the conveniences, etc. I'm very much looking forward to getting the things from my other laptop transferred over here.

Still not quilting much- but hey, the living room got painted! And major Fall Cleaning is in progress. Couldn't have been more timely, either, because a friend from Sweden will be here for a visit and guess what? Our house is clean! Oops, I forgot to warn readers to sit before reading that last part. Hope you took it ok!

Speaking of cleaning, do y'all all have stuff you've had for years but don't look at it? I only kept the cookbooks that have to do with canning veggies or our smoker, etc. All the others will have to find a new home. Recently the Oklahoma longarmers guild had a "garage sale" of sorts and 1 of the ladies mentioned all her quilting patterns. She finds she has her favorites and always seems to resort to those so she unloaded lots of those she doesn't use anymore. I haven't gotten quite to that point yet--I still hope to be able to sit & peruse them all some day. But then again, I'm not through Fall Cleaning the studio yet, either!

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