Sunday, October 18, 2009

Figgy Pudding quilt and Hand Embroidery

Sometimes all it takes to get me moving is for somebody to say hurry!  All of a sudden I got the start on this quilt kit that I've had for several weeks now, and since Thursday, the piecing is done all except for adding the border and then it'll be ready to quilt!  It's a free pattern on the United Notions website and here's a picture of the actual pattern. Mine is slightly different in the choice of fabrics but is IS fabric from the Figgy Pudding line. They are great fun to work with and you can get your kit from Ardmore Sewing Center, 580-223-6655.

The pattern used a new technique or two, and I guess it's been awhile since I actually followed a pattern. I did enjoy doing it. I quit before adding the borders so I wouldn't get sloppy. Nobody likes sloppy!  Although I do maintain that the best part about quilt making is that we do it to our own specifications.  Can't remember who it was who said "if you're going to point out the errors to everybody who ooohs-n-ahs over your quilt, then fix that error right now. If you don't mind it being imperfect, leave it alone and get it on with it!"

Also, today I fixed up some more embroidery kits to have at the ready in case there are slow minutes at the store this week. I have 2 of the pincushions ready to stitch from Sarah's Pincushions by Leane's House here (2nd from bottom on left), and several of the blocks from CrabApple Hill's Winter Wonderland (see it here), and all 4 blocks of Brenda Riddle's pattern Fond Wishes for Darham which you can find free from Lecien, here. I got to see Brenda and Rosalie Quinlan in 1 of the Lecien School House classes talking about their fabric lines, and of course COSMO embroidery thread.  And I do love that Cosmo thread. I've bought it by the skein from Thimble Creek, and I have some ordered from CrabApple Hill that is 2-ply on a spool to use for redwork. Wish I could be a Cosmo dealer so I could have it ALL to play with!

There are so many great projects out there--like you, I must have hundreds already and I saw/wanted many more that were fresh at Market. Gotta make a rule such as "Start no more projects until the UFOs are done!" .....but.....that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

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