Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scraps Bowl

Check out Barbara Brandeburg's blog---she's thought to use Rachel Ray's idea of that "scraps bowl" in her studio.  I do like the idea- I use a scrap bowl in the kitchen so I only have to go to the trash can once. Perhaps it's a good idea for the studio too.  Currently I just drop stuff in the nearest trash can (which,BTW, is too small) or just push scraps off in the floor. Since the floor can be swept with a broom, or sometimes with my foot, dropping scraps isn't a problem but it does look a little sloppy. It's only in 1 place, though, right around the cutting table so it's a problem easily remedied.

Are most of y'all meticulous with your cutting table scrap piles? I've seen people who save every scrap, and those who put the little teenty triangle clips in a jar for posterity, etc. I'd just rather get to the sewing!  

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