Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cross Country Designers' Blog hop

Check out the new blog hop here
okay now, it's really too early in the morning to be posting. and it's Really Too Early for me to figure out how to get this button on the side bar. Looks like a fun blog hop, though, and I'll be sure not to miss it. How about you?  

And have you started Don't Look Now's new quilt along Joseph's Coat yet? Better get on it! Who me?  yeah, I've started- I've got a new compass arriving today (who knew I wouldn't be able to find the old one???) and I've got my big paper ready so I'll be drafting as soon as the Staples man delivers! Tonight I'll make my template and finalize the fabs, tomorrow starts the glue pen--the new ones I got from Moda! And Kellie has promised the next lesson on Joseph's Coat on Friday. Confusing though, seems like their Friday is our Thursday! The clocks where Kellie lives are waaaaaayyyy ahead of ours! 

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