Monday, September 6, 2010

LOVE my GO! cutter!

I tried & tried & entered & entered but I didn't win the GO! I've been wanting one for months -- they're quite an investment but worth every penny. The picture shows a starter set that might have some dies I didn't get. I didn't get the butterflies (yet!) but I have a number of other ones. Even got 1 I don't want (oops!) and an extra 2-1/2" strip cutter (double-oops!). The GO! might be my best investment after the Gammill!

 I was so excited when it came that I had to immediately try out the Funky Flowers and Round Flowers and Feathers.
I forgot you were supposed to put Steam-a-Seam or Heat-n-Bond on the back of the fabric before cutting out those designs.

So I just used the glue stick to hold them still while I free-motioned around the pieces. Turned out OK on these kitchen towels and hot pads, don't you think?  And the little bit of raw edges will give it dimension after laundering, meanwhile it's not all stiff like sometimes a fusible will cause.

Yesterday I was working on a charm square program I'm giving next week so I used the GO! to cut lots of 5" squares. At 1st I was also cutting the leftovers into sizes that work with SCRAP THERAPY but then I jumped to just cutting the squares and leaving the too small pieces in a pile "ready" to cut into other shapes. After all, I might change my mind as to what I want, huh?  Here's a picture of the quilt pattern that I decided I'd use all the older fabrics on. It's by Pat Speth called South Dakota Star.
We start, of course, with 5" squares. But you should see the power cutting that goes on with just the 5" charms! 
It's really nice to be home this Labor Day. Thank you to the grocery store people who were working so that I could go get certain things. We've got great weather today but looking forward to rain later in the week (hope hope) so that DH doesn't have to start feeding the cows so soon. 

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