Monday, September 27, 2010

What, oh what to give away?

I've learned something!  (The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know!  but don't tell DH!)
It's hard to decide what to give away!  Like all quilters, I'm sure, I have goodies more than I could ever get sewn up.  I have patterns & books more than I could ever review for color combinations or hope to sew up. I have extra notions out the wazoo (what is a wazoo, anyway??) and any of these or any combinations could be shared through a give away. So why am I having trouble with it?  

Mostly like the rest of you, I tend to pickup certain colors of fabric. What if it happens to be a color YOU don't like?  I have extras of my favorite notions- what if you've got hundreds of them too?   

I'm just going to have to put things in a pile, shut my eyes and choose one or some!  It's a dirty job but.....yeah, you know the rest.  Tomorrow's another day, though, and I'm sure by then I'll have thought it through.  ooh- I just now got another idea!  See what thinking about good things does? It makes a body happy & excited! Or...maybe that's dinner in there cooking & almost ready that's making me happy & excited!  Love home cooked meals but tonight we're having pinto beans that DH cooked at the store. He makes the BEST beans- uses real smoked ham hock and some of ZACH's Pinto Bean seasoning. Wish you could try them! And oven-fried taters & Mexican cornbread. Gotta go!

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