Monday, October 4, 2010

Finished, and Finished!

I showed you the green quilt finished Saturday. I finished another one  Sunday! Finished is such a nice word! Hubby says "smell the finish line" - I think that's from back in the years when he played baseball and pitched. I think there's a power surge or something when you're on the downhill coast to the finish line. I sure smelled that finish line when I was on the last pass of that quilt last night!  On TV they're talking about who should be WonderWoman. I think it should be me! I finished 2 quilts (quilting) in 1 weekend. Shouldn't that qualify me for WonderWoman?????


fancystitching said...

WOOHOO! Yo go, Gal!!
Finished DOES feel nice.

Staci said...

Definitely! And if I could think of a super hero woman that was more awesome than Wonder Woman you could be her, too! At the same time! ;-D