Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Giveaway winners & another give-away!

Couple of you winners haven't sent me your snail mail addresses yet- how can I send you your gifts?  Please respond!  (Sounds like a piece of junk mail, doesn't it? Please don't throw me away!)
I wanted to do another give away- haven't yet decided what to give away. Sound familiar? But this morning I found the opportunity!  I happened onto a young blogger's blog who'd made her 1st quilt-- a very cute one-- and there was a COMMENT where the writer said that cute 1st quilt almost made the writer want to make one!  I wrote emailed the writer to see if she'd let me send her a kit for a smallish quilt. This is the 2nd time in the last week that I've emailed a total stranger and the 1st time worked out OK so maybe this time will too!

We quilters, for the most part, have huge stashes so sending someone a kit hardly makes a dent in the stash.  OH but the fun!  The fun of sharing -- which is what quilters do -- and the extra excitement of introducing someone to quilting at no expense to her would be over-the-top!  YIPPEE! I'm excited just hoping this sweet lady will say YES!

Update!  it's been a whole hour and she hasn't said no yet! 
UPDATE!  I never have heard back from the young lady so I'll take that as a no, she's not interested. Disappointment!


Monica said...

I had a similar experience this past week. A lady in France left a comment that she'd love to win scraps of American fabrics for a giveaway. I emailed her, got her address, and mailed off a ton of scraps. I love giving! It always feels so good.

Alicia said...

yeah, that's cool. Maybe I should get that lady's address and send her some too! I bet it'd be nice for her to get some surprises (fabric) in the mail-- anything's better than all that rioting they've got going on over there!