Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wonderful day! More finishes, and another give-away

It's been an ugly week so far. Laptop computer giving me grief, then water spilled on DSL modem & left me without internet.  DON'T TRY IT!  Then my sister needed some pics scanned & sent to her for her FB page and I could not get the computers to cooperate at all.  I wanted some pics to give an idea of what I've been working on since I can't show the real ones yet- but I could not get that to work either. Now I"m on the old Dell where my older pics are stored- I remember now why I got the Apple laptop just over a year ago!

So why the Great Day?  Did you see all the miner's rescues on TV?   Did you realize it was an AMERICAN company that crafted that cage that brought the men to the surface? Did you know the engineer who drilled the hole is an AMERICAN!?!   What's that man talking about when he tries to apologize for America's excellence?  

And--- another GIVE AWAY!   Tomorrow evening we'll find out who all wins a gift from the Fall-into-Fall giveaway. And on the 16th, we'll start a NEW give-away. I have SO enjoyed hearing what all of you are working on and so many ideas for using orange.  What will be given away next time?  You will have to return to see!  It'll be good, I promise!  

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