Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

You can see I haven't spent time posting but I've done More-than-My-Share of surfing lately.  SO many people have SO many great ideas and so much creativity that I've just been soaking it in for the last few weeks.  I did finish a couple of quilts and a pair of socks that I got to wear. I have the 3rd pair of socks almost done! I hope to finish the foot of that 2nd sock today.  And........I just joined a new group- sock knitting!  on Ravelry!  I had heard of Ravelry before but didn't conceive how big a group that would be!
It's over 1 million member back on November 17th!  Yes....I'm just another number.....AGAIN!

Oh well.  Onward and Upward.  This group I joined is called Year of Stash Socks 2011.  The only "problem" is that my stash-- yarn stash, that is -- consists of only 3 yarns.  Two skeins each, of course, because when I ordered it, I wasn't cognitive of how much yarn a pair of socks requires, but still only 3 yarns!  You should see some of the NAMES of the yarns discussed on Ravelry.  It's sure going to take some studying to find out about all those yarns!  Wish we had a LYS (local yarn shop). These are called Mermaid Lagoon, Evil Stepmother, and Arabian Nights.

Last night, relaxing after a wonderful celebration for Christmas with all the family except my sister who had fallen again (MS), I was perusing the pictures on the AccuQuilt Facebook Pages.  There are SO many ideas there, also, it made me want to rush to the studio to start more new projects. But, alas, the studio is COLD!  Today I'll heat up the studio and do some sewing.

Happy knitting and quilting, y'all! Bring on 2011 and another set of friends on Ravelry!  Ain't the internet fun???


Melinda said...

I looked at the stash socks group but am not sure I will ever complete the pair that are on my needles now. Good luck with your knitting. Love the little snowflake wall hanging.

Alicia said...

That hanging is one from the AccuQuilt FaceBook page but I do intend to make a similar one. I tried to go back and get the link for that pic to find its maker but haven't found it yet. I will post as soon as I do!
Do you use circular needles, Melinda? or the DPN's. I haven't conquered the circulars yet.