Saturday, March 26, 2011


Both computers crashed. So sad. Both were supposedly "backed up" on Carbonite. I got the new Dell restored- all my embroidery files and everything. Yay!  but the Macboook?  nope. nada. zilch. Even had 2 of the Carbonite people try to help- where did my back up files GO???????? Yep, I'm somewhat upset. I say Somewhat because...really.... what's the use in being upset about it?  Too late now. Water under the bridge. Spilt milk, etc.... But I sure did have a lot of pics stored- pics of family, pics of quilts, pics of MOda people/parties, Houston market, Swedish friend, quilts, oh-did I mention that already? and my bookmarks of favorite blogs I read. DRAT and double-drat!
I had posted this one to facebook so I've still got it! It's a Sudoku quilt done for Moda. And I just realized there are the pictures that I posted to this blog. Now I wished I had posted EVERYTHING to this blog! double-drat again!  Oh well....better things to do than being upset.  Besides: Here's the GOOD NEWS of today:  Cruising along hunting for blogs today I came across one where a lady had people link up to their blogs.   Guess how many????   over FIVE HUNDRED OF THEM!  Okay, okay, here's the LINK at Red Pepper Quilts.
I'll be quilting later today on a BEE-utiful appliqued quilt from my friend in Sweden. Who can be upset while they're quilting?


fancystitching said...

So sorry for your loss (I know that sounds like condolence card, but it is appropriate! It's a real bummer that the backup files did not land the right place.


kwiltmakr said...

So funny you should mention the Red Pepper Quilts link thingie because that is how I got here. I found it a week or so ago and have been looking at blogs. Sorry about all your photos.

Alicia said...

yay, kwiltmakr! I'll be looking for your blog, too! just today I realized that my 2009 tax files were on that crashed drive. DRAT!