Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moda Quilts of Valor

Did y'all take part in the One Star Challenge by Moda?  People all over the states did. I don't kno HOW many star blocks were sent in. I sent 4 myself but I feel ashamed that I did not take the time to find a sharpie to sign my name.  It's that old feeling of "well, nobody cares about little old me anyway" type of thing, I guess. 

I'm getting to quilt FIVE of these QOVs.  The ones I have are a tonal red rather than that flower that' shown here but they're every bit as pretty! And the star blocks are wonderful.  Each one I've seen so far has the maker's name & state on it. The blocks have come from everywhere!  I'm so proud of us quilters for chipping in like this.  It's the very least we can do for our awesome soldiers who are the best in the world.

Seeing the names & states on the blocks brings back memories of the early 90's when the internet & PCs were "new".  It was on AOL that I found the first of many chat lists having to do with quilting, especially long arm quilting.   Some of us use to have swaps. Each of us sent in certain size pieces or strips or FQs- whatever it was that we were swapping.  The swap-meister then divvied them up & sent them all back in our postage paid envelopes. It was great fun because it seemed different fabrics were sold around the country. What was available in the NE wasn't available here, etc.  Sometimes we swapped blocks that we'd signed, which is why these blocks on the QOVs were such a reminder. 

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