Monday, June 20, 2011

Pedal to the metal...

UFOs, WIPs, probably more names for all the projects that get started but not finished.  Quilters seem to have this problem because there are so many ideas floating around in our heads.  I guess it could be our actual heads floating around.... you know in the "real" world they call this attribute ADD. I'd rather just keep the "ideas floating" image.

Working 6 days a week (boohoo, are you feeling sorry for me?) leaves just 1/2 of Saturday and Sunday to quilt so usually the weekends are standing up quilting on my Gammil.  This weekend, though, I chose to finish up several already started, blocks-are-done-just-put-them-together projects to get them ready to quilt.
This 1st one was fun because the fabric came from a fellow blogger . I "won" the scraps- you'll have to visit her blog. Lots of giveaways there.  Have you heard that adage: When life gives you scraps, make quilts? I did:

I had 3 kits of this next one, sold one at the store and still have 1 left besides the 1 I sewed up. It comes in this cute lunch box
and makes this cute  quilt top. It's the 1st time I've ever cut from fabric that has several different prints on the same piece of yardage. Kinda different....
 This one was made from "junker" pieces, meaning pieces that weren't enough to do anything with otherwise!  The big squares are a charm pack of only 35 pieces from Lakehouse. The small squares were a 2.5" sample from Moda. Tan strips are from a Moda jelly roll. Border fabric is Moda Sanctuary from several years ago- leftovers! I'm sure it will be adorable after it's quilted- even UGLY quilts are great when the quilting is done!
 This next one is a kit, of course, because how else can you get those letters printed on fabric? This kit is from Lakehouse also and I got it at The Fat Quarter Shop and it's on sale! I skipped the ric-rac sewn in diagonals because I feared it shrinking & distorting the quilt.
 This one is rather manly, don't you tthink?  It's made from a Moda Layer Cake by a pattern that you can see here at Crazy Old Ladies.

The pile of quilt tops waiting to be quilted keeps growing & growing.  It sure was fun doing all this sewing.  And I got to start cutting out another quilt using some more older fabric. Can't wait to start sewing on that.  All I need is more hours of full energy- the kind I used to have when we were still raising the boys.  Where did all that energy go???

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