Saturday, October 22, 2011

The color GREEN

Years ago, My sweetie said his favorite color is green. I couldn't tell if he was teasing but as I waited,he grinned & said that's the color of "hip pocket national bank"! But he did actually have a green Ford pickup one time-- drove it so long that the driver side floor wore out! Oldest son said his favorite color is green, also. I guess one of my favorites is green-- the greens we see in the Spring when plants begin to get new growth. If you can get out in the country - take a good look at all the greens from the yellow-greens to blue-greens! Love 'em!  Besides-- they go good with PURPLE!  
So long story short, MODA had a line by Basic Grey called Origins.

and it uses these colors
I bought layer cakes and a few bolts to go with.  In March of this year,

had a contest using one of the "charm packs" patterns that had been published on their BakeShop blog. Par for the course, I didn't decide to play along until the month was half over.  I got the top finished but it wasn't quilted so I didn't enter the contest. We could alter the basic pattern so I did-- don' we all? Here's the original pattern on the Moda Bakeshop. I started with the Layer Cake, cut into charm packs.  I used larger squares sewn into the star points moving the midpoints out into the block rather than joining the center square. Then I trimmed the finished 9-patches to give it different perspective.  Here she is:


Karen said...

Beautiful quilt!!! Love the colors

MulticoloredPieces said...

I like greens too! This quilt is lovely. Enjoyed looking at your other quilts as well. I'm looking forward to following your textile projects.
best, nadia