Monday, October 17, 2011


Stan says I have too much time on my hands.  That's really not it!  It's that I've not been raised in a grocery store as Stan has- so those things I "ought" to be doing don't occur to me.  My natural bent is to be creating something, not stacking or dusting something . I do pretty well just to keep the books done!

Couple days last week I had to find something to busy myself with so I turned to games. Games?  Yes, the kind all the youngsters play these days---on the computer!  I like Mahjong solitaire and a few others.  Here's 1 of the Mahjong versions I found using MUSIC stuff on the pieces.  I had to think about some of them to remember what they were!

Then I found this PATCHWORKZ game!  As far as I can tell, it can only be played online. I did not find a way to purchase it.  Just put in your search line "play patchworkz online" and you'll find it.  Playing was great fun!  The puzzle appears with a half-dozen or so pieces already in place. The rest of the pieces come up 5 at a time on the "board" below the puzzle so the player moves them into place as he figures out where they go.  In my case, I had to just stick some pieces on to the puzzle to get more pieces in the queue where I could figure out what went where. Great fun! Here are some shots:

There were several animal heads, fish, ocean scenes. I didn't seem to take pictures of those. I really enjoyed the cat & lion faces.  Have fun today! 

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