Monday, November 7, 2011

Late post from Market

Market was - always is - great fun.  SO much to see. So many quilters.So many ideas freely flowing.
I did find the quilts I got to work on.

We also found a restaurant that had great Margaritas--- and TEXAS SCORPIONS!
This young lady was in the last Schoolhouse series class, I think.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!  And she has the perfect complexion for it.  We kept seeing her throughout the weekend. How can you miss seeing that hair? And she's very sweet to boot!
That last Schoolhouse class was supposed to be Carrie Nelson and her new book- the one that has the quilt I got to work on in it.  Carrie's mom is having some health issues so Carrier stayed with her. A C&T rep did the class- she gave a very enjoyable program in Carrie's absence and look!  When I got to the C&T booth the next day, they had sticker's with Carrie's autograph to put in the books when they arrive.  Of course I ordered some for the store!

Yes, I DID buy (order) some things for the store. Please don't tell the hubby!  He'll find out soon enough.  AND-- I came home with my 1st distributorship!  It's for A Quilter's Eye.  It's a camera that attaches to the lower part of longarm so that the quilter can see the stitches on the bottom as the quilting is happening so that the bottom tension doesn't come out a surprise later!  Great Invention!

After quilting this weekend, I can hardly wait until my demo one shows up!  My tension was ok but I just kept thinking how nice it will be to SEE it while it's happening!  If you've ever had to un-quilt anything, you'll immediately know how handy this little thing will be!

Here's what I worked on Saturday.  Karen the prolific quilter made this offset log cabin with "scraps", I think is what she'd call them.  I remember almost ALL of the fabrics from quilts she's made in the past.


Karen said...

Looking forward to see what u bought at market. Beautiful job on the quilt.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Alicia. I enjoyed reading your view of Houston Market. So fun!
best, nadia