Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Color Purple

Today is a Purple Day.  I feel Purple. My shirt is purple.My chair is purple.  A purple & white quilt top was bought at a garage sale for $1 yesterday & it was brought to me to quilt. Love purple.  Just finished quilting a different purple quilt this morning.  Use purple thread on most of it.  Did you know that the more times "purple" is typed, the more misspelled it looks? 

My quilting schedule is full waaaaay PAST the brim!  In fact, neither the studio nor the SUV can hold even 1 more quilt top! But a lady appeared saying she needed  a quilt done f-a-s-t-  because it's for a friend who's sick- very sick, so what'd I say???? you knew it!  I said OK, I'll try to work it in.  Good thing I'm done because I hear that sick lady isn't doing well- she needs her quilt.
This 1st pic is what I had to UN-quilt.  I started the borders with the purple thread that I was going to use elsewhere on the quilt and the border was just looking like scribble. So after frog-stitching I re-did it using a variegated thread. Better, huh?

I did this crosshatching using my new
tool from Lisa Calle!

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