Saturday, April 21, 2012


Does your imagination run wild?  wilder? wildest?  Did you ever sit and just imagine what ________ would be like (you fill in the blank)?  My imagination has been running rampant!  Seriously working overtime & yet- it just keeps going!  
The only problem with the picture above is that it shows "knowledge" at the bottom and actually, I hope it's right because I don't have much knowledge----yet.  Let's make something!

Let's make something! or Let's get back to making things! or something like those will be my tag line in our new & improved "KEY'S".  Since 1943, our business has been a family-owned grocery store. It's been great the 3 years I've spent down there. Hubby's been there all his life but he's ready for a day off now & then.  So we're changing from primarily a grocery store to duo-business.  He'll have part of the store to grow his organic vegetable plants & seed business, and I get the rest of the store to turn into my quilting studio (instead of having it at home) PLUS a CLASSROOM area where we can teach sewing for garments or piecing quilt tops. Isn't that great???? Sort of SOW & SEW, if you catch my drift....
Here's a couple of pics as it was this week.  See that meat counter- the white thing you can see at the back?    There's where my Gammill Classic will go. On the right, where you see some fabric bolts, that's the area that will be designated the veggie garden stuff (I think).
See the 2 liter pops & the chip rack?  From there to the back, the shelves will
be removed and the classroom area will be there.  Neither one of those rows
of shelves (in 1st or 2nd pic) will be staying so it will really open up the inside so
there should be plenty of table-n-chair space.  YAY! 
Lists are everywhere!  Couple of spiral notebooks in use- lists of stuff to get, stuff to do,
people to call, things to check on, classes to schedule, guests to invite, email address lists to compile, new floor finish, ideas for the walls, tool  & notion displays, what about this, what about that!  
See- told you I had no knowledge!  But I've got books & friends & there are wonderful quilters all over the world with pictures & descriptions & all kinds of info to help.  Thank you, Lord, for the internet! 
It just all can't happen fast enough to suit me!  

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Wow, that's exciting stuff!