Monday, July 16, 2012


Would 'ja look at the sheer GLEE on this woman's face?  Karen got to quilt her FIRST quilt on the Gammill last Saturday. She LOVED it!  Said so herself!  Even wants her own machine now! CONGRATS, KAREN! 
And there's Connie who helped so much "spotting" for Karen while she quilted.  
You know-- "spotters". Like when they're doing the parallel bars or the rings or something at the Olympics, and there's people to make sure you don't get hurt.  
In this case, Connie helped make sure that Karen's quilting went just like  we wanted it the few times that I had to step away to ring up a sale.  Thanks so much, Connie, for being part of it!  
You know- it takes a quilter to know a quilter.  Karen left at one point for a moment. Connie could have jumped in to quilt a pass & I'm sure Karen wouldn't have been so "rum-dum" if she had. But Connie said, "No, I want her to be able to say she did it all by herself!".   So thoughtful of you , Connie. It didn't even cross my mind! But then... I've quilted lots-a-quilts! 
Karen had pieced this top from Kaffe Fassett prints she'd bought in Houston a while back. Isn't it a gorgeous quilt?  Karen used a pantograph with some feather in it-- lots of swirls so Karen could get a good feel for the machine.  She'll probably do another Panto or two before she attempts the freehanding at the front of the machine.  That's where I like to operate best.  I love dancing with the Gammill. I get carried away sometimes. That's ok. It happens in therapy all the time!  Doesn't it?

Have you made a "modern quilt" yet?  I've made just one- sort of, one.  This is a beginner's class sample, the pattern is by Atkinson Designs.  To be really modern, I think I would have had to dream this up myself. Wouldn't have been hard but the instructions in this Atkinson pattern are AWESOME for beginners!  Sessions making this top start Aug 4!  Have a look! 

I guess I got a little carried away with the quilting.  We didn't care for the black background-- it was, BLACK! Maybe brown would have been better. 
Took some variegated Green thread and quilted everywhere- just ...whatever popped into my head. It was fun!  but it took awhile.  There's black meandering where there's not green thread.  
The beginner class with tackle the pieced strips one at a time.  The kit provided includes 12 fat quarters to make the pieced strips. Students can then choose their own background fabric, or turn the pieced parts into some other project: a pillow or smaller quilt.  

We got some COOL new fabrics in.  I can see these used as a panel, a solid inside border, pieced blocks for next border, instant QUILT! 

Oh! and LOOK!  My 1st real BATIKS! 

and some solids and some read-as-solids! 

and a couple of new Quilting Treasures.

Another modern project has been in the works here.  Lissa Alexander made a quilt using the new MODA line V. and Co. designed called Simply Color.  Simple 9-patches adorn the front.  They're pieced from the OMBRE fabrics in the collection. The back is SO colorful. It's really my favorite. 

Aw, shucks.  YOu mean I didn't get a pic of the back??? Bummer. I guess you'll have to imagine it.  Go look for the Simply Color line and imagine all those fabrics on the back. Very Cool! 

I hope you'll check out our courses on the web site.  Go to and look under EVENTS.  Make a few allowances for me because I"m still working on it.  
I'm new to the web calendar so it might not make sense for awhile. If it feels crazy, just come on in to the store & we'll take care of you there.  
Meantime-  Have Fun Making Things! 


Karen said...

Love the new fabrics! And the quilting on the modern quilts is just beautiful..

Mary said...

Actually, I think the Black is perfect! The quilting certainly did enhance it and is what makes the quilt. I think it's pure genious! What a beautiful way to showcase all the different quilting patterns. It's like a quilting sampler with the blocks playing secondary to the quilting.
Great job!
Love the new fabrics as well!