Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Addict

Meet another machine-quilting-addicted-person! Susan's been making quilts a long time. Lots-o-quilts, we might say.  Susan usually shares her joy of making quilts with someone else- that some one being whoever gets to quilt it for her!

 Susan had a cast or "boot" on her foot so it was a challenge for her to stand through the day to get her very first machine quilting behind her!  She stuck with it, though, because she'd already made up her mind that she wasn't going home without it being done!
Susan chose to freehand the quilting rather than using a pantograph. She got through that learning curve pretty well!  As she progressed through the quilt, her quilting got pretty adventurous.  She was successfully creating new shapes by then end of the quilt! 

 It's a KING sized twister quilt.  She used the leftovers in that 1st border. Cool, huh?

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Mary said...

I was just bit by the Twister craze!Love the quilt!