Monday, January 26, 2009

There has been a slight delay...........

Merry Christmas! (Now I'm ahead for Christmas 2009!) It's been a great start to 2009. As previously noted, recovery from Quilt Market in Houston takes quite awhile. I'm STILL trying to work through all the ideas gained from the great people on the market floor and the Friday SchoolHouse sessions.

Did I mention that our area has a new Bernina dealer? Ardmore Sewing Center's new owner is Lynnette Maytubby, and you should see what a wonderful job she's done with the place! It's a whole new world for sewing and learning and trying new things. Lynnette has a wonderful family who's helped her as well- Dan and Kyle have made the classroom area look ever-so-spiffy and it's great fun to plot all the different kinds of fun that can go on in there. Lynnette's going to have all kinds of classes- hand applique, Square in a Square, beginning quilting classes, and much, much more so y'all come check it out.

My friend Kathy Elzey has finally decided to start a blog- that's a really good thing because ever since I met her I've asked for pictures of her quilting and she poo-poo's it saying she's not good at putting pictures up. But look! Here's her blog: and guess what? She's got a picture posted! I'm expecting her to do a whole lot more because Kathy's a prize-winning quilter who, of course, does gorgeous work. Kathy's now in Louisiana near where our family businesses have manager meetings so I get to visit her every-so-often. It's always a fun visit.

Last Wednesday, Chris Morgan helped me teach a Square in a Square (SnS) class in Sulphur, OK. We had a great time with the ladies in the all-day class scheduled by Ann Mann at the Murray County branch of SOTC. We made Exploding Star quilt tops and the ladies learned Options 1, 2, 5 and 4 of the 39 options in the SnS technique. This class will be repeated for more quilters on Feb. 4. Sign up, we'd love to have you! Here's 1 version of the top we made: And here's another version:

Speaking of SnS, Lynnette at the Ardmore Sewing Center is starting a SnS Block-of-the Month that's going to be beautiful! Several SnS classes and others are scheduled, and have you ever heard of Scrap Therapy? It's a great way of cutting scraps into usable, organized sizes so that you're ready to sit-n-sew lots & lots of projects when you get a few minutes. Come check it out!

Isn't there a limit on how long 1 post can be? I think I've reached it. Next time I'm going to list some of the hundreds of blogs I've been checking lately. It's amazing how hours and hours can just fly by when you start reading blogs, then click on their favorite blogs, and click...and click...and click.....

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