Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can't wait to SEW!

Remember? I told you there'd be a delay! MIL is still in bone rehab since the rod was inserted so I'm helping at the store alot. I'm surprised that it's so very pleasant! The customers have been wonderful and patient and lots of them tease like family. DH is truly enjoying being "the boss" for a change and he's let me know that I'm now the one at the bottom of the totem pole. I don't mind-- it's all in good fun. One request, please, if you run a business or a home, make sure someone else knows how you do it and where important records and stuff are. It's extremely important if something happens to you and someone else has to pick up where you left off!

Speaking of "left off", have you made contingency plans for your Stash if something happens to you? I've told friends to hit the studio running before DH throws it all in the trash! How about y'all?

Speaking of stash, do you have a store near you that offers "Scrap Therapy"? Ardmore Sewing Center has just gotten in the new quarter's patterns and they're going to be great fun! But you must attend a Scrap Therapy cutting class before you're eligible for the classes and patterns. So come join us!

An online class I enrolled in before MIL broke her hip and I found out I'd be this busy has started. It's about making collages from different mediums. The 1st lesson is with fabric- hey! right up my alley! Here's a sketch:
It isn't what was in my mind but It think it'll work when I get it going. I'll let you know!

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