Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado is Too Close!

A number of years ago, a tornado ripped through southern OK and hit the Uniroyal/Michelin plant in Ardmore. That was pretty close! But this one was only a couple of miles away! Waaaaaaay too close!

We learned that our cellar holds 2 adults, 4 dogs, a large battery lamp and my purse- while still holding all those canned goods from summers past. Whew! We're going to have to learn to move faster! I'm pretty sure the tornado had already gone through the other end of town by the time we made it to the cellar.

Here's a picture that was in the local paper at :

It was Awesome to see all the electric and phone company employees out working this morning, lots of volunteers already on the scene, and I know they were last night too...especially the emergency services- lots of sirened vehicles flowing into town last night. There was even a disaster semi or two- and an insurance agent was set up with an outdoor booth for his customers. Thank you to any and all of you who do such wonderful volunteer work!

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fancystitching said...

Glad you are OK... I was wondering if this was in your "neck of the woods" but I had not taken time to check a map.