Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do you EQ?

I've been an Electric Quilt software user since EQ3 came out---when was that? 1995 or before? Now, of course, it's EQ6 and it's wunnerful! I bought the Kaleidoscope add-on either last year or the year before- time all runs together when you get to "this" age -- but I just now got the chance to start working on Andrea Bishop's Kaleidoscope lessons! LOVE IT! Here's 1 of the samples made in 1 of those lessons:
And I learned how to rotate the fabric in the patches! seeeeee?

The lesson uses striped fabric and there's even a way to line those stripes up the same way, as in the lower block.
I heartily recommend Andrea's Kaleidoscope lessons- there's even one on how to choose the coloring of the blocks. It was very interesting to watch the blocks change according to which parts of the block have light colors or dark colors. Here's my sample--my favorite is the last 1 in the 2nd row.

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