Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Grace Company's TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener

I've just gotten home from Market in Houston. Yes, we left early! My friend Lynnette (store owner of Ardmore Sewing Center) and I made it home in 5-1/2 hours! And that includes stopping to eat!

I ended up not taking my laptop with me so I missed posting sooner. Sorry! But my favorite thing I saw all weekend, and the thing I'm MOST excited about, is the new TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener put out by the Grace Company. I do have the little sharpener that's been out for many years now where the blade is secured between two round parts with a sand-paper-like edge that is supposed to sharpen the blade but for me it never did really do the job. I think this one will! It's got an actual sharpening stone inside it so it works the same way as my husband sharpens his butcher knives. Let me see if I can find a pic......nope,  I'll get the camera and make my own picture in the morning.  I plan on working on several rotary cutters!

We did enjoy the Schoolhouse series sessions, and worked out way through almost all the vendors Saturday.  Dinner and bingo  finished our Saturday Then we checked back in this morning on the booths starting at the other end of the building. We met wonderful quilting people from all around the world and made some great new friends.   More later!

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