Monday, October 12, 2009

The Grace Company's Rotary Blade Sharpener

Here's the rotary blade sharpener box and the sharpener itself. The lighter colored side of the sharpener actually scoots up to the red one- I just moved it over so you could see the parts.  When I tried it this morning I didn't do so well. I've never sharpened anything in my life! And I didn't think to check with the Grace Co. man about what angle to hold the cutter.  My DH showed me how while ago and voila' !  A sharp blade!   I'm impressed and happy that it works because it'll get a workout!

I also bought one of their cutters and a new 6x24 ruler that goes with it. You can see the cutter on the sharpener box--it has a blade guard that can be locked "shut". The side buttons can be pressed to move the blade while cutting, or you can lock the guard into a spring-loaded position that moves out of the way as you cut yet guards the blade if you lay it down. It's usable with or without its companion ruler. Why not, you say? Somehow the ruler didn't make it to the car from the Hilton Americas. They found it though and will ship it to me tomorrow so I'll try it when it gets here. There's a ridge on the ruler's edge that the cutter fits onto so that the blade doesn't veer off at the far edge. I know I won't want to bother with that "all" the time, but we've been discussing cutting strips, our own "layer cakes" or "charms", etc. So it's mainly that looooonnnnggg cut all the way across the width of the fabric as it comes off the bolt where I do want to use it.

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