Friday, May 28, 2010

Isn't this a sweet little button?  I got this from Shabby Miss Jen designs. There are some tutorials on the website about how to use all the great kits of stuff, but this is the 1st time I'd thought to try it. I'm hoping to figure out how I can use these things to make neat signs at the grocery store for stuff we sell. The kits include paper, clips, buttons, flowers, bows, trims, lots of stuff that it seems would work for quilty things, and maybe some to highlight new products, etc.

One quilt and 2 old quilt tops sold today from hanging on our store walls up high above where the merchandise stops. I have both finished quilts and just tops. There are so many I haven't had a chance to quilt yet that I decided to hang the tops and if somebody wants a certain one, I can work on getting that one finished "next".  Next, you know, means whenever I can get one done between clients quilts.

There's a tv commercial on now. The boy who passed the note wrote on it "let's not cheat" rather than giving the 1st boy the answer for the test. Ain't that great!

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