Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall into Fall Quilters Blog Giveaway!

Here's the opportunity we need- all of us give something away!  Check out Debi's blog where she's repeating a huge group of givers-away again this year  here.

And this year I'm going to play too! I'll be having my 1st give-away beginning Oct 1 thanks to Debi. I can't remember now how I even got to her blog but I'm thrilled that I found it in time to participate. Its so exciting to be thinking of "presents" for someone! Maybe I'll even get to use the random number generator! Or teach the dogs to pick a name out of a basket (more like the winner's the one that STAYED in the basket after they turn it over!)

This give-away, since I'm playing too, reminds me of those old swaps we used to have in the 90's when PC's were still novelties and postage was cheap!  Seems like I've read on some blogs about some swaps still going on. Much smaller groups of people than we read now would arrange to send certain items to the "head swapper" or hostess. The hostess then would divvy all the receipts up among the swappers and return them in the pre-addressed envelopes that we had enclosed with whatever we were trading.  It could have been 6" squares, FQs, a strip of a certain width. We even did blocks and each person signed their name & location which always made it extra interesting. You know? I think there's still some of those swaps packed away.  I'll be right back................

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