Thursday, September 23, 2010

Those 90's swaps and Give-away I went to pull out that big envelope I remembered that had - I thought - "some" swaps in it. Turns out that big envelope  postmarked 1995 had just ONE swap in it-- all wedding ring paper pieced arcs. And they still have their labels attached as to who made them and from where:

That's one of the most interesting parts- from whence they came!  Wonder if I'll ever finish that quilt?

Near where that envelope was, there are a number of plastic boxes with projects-to-do in them. At least 1 box had several more swaps in it, 2 different ones with cats, one with stars, one 9-patches, etc. Obviously this was before we got our American Eskimo Dogs because everything is cats, cats, cats!

oh yeah, there's this Mariner's Compass, also. Gee, I'd forgotten all about that one!  I'm going to have to put finishing these on the schedule.....somewhere....
Here's the quilt I'm working on finishing now. It's had me in a blocked state since June. I just could not get it going!  I started it twice, ripped it all out twice, and now we're quilting it the 3rd time but it's looking quite ok now. What a relief to kinda get my mojo back!
The pattern is by Judy Martin in her Log Cabin book. This one is  Snake River Log Cabin and it's well made (not by me). I've quilted a couple of these and wanted something different than what I did on the others. That's probably what stumped me but it seemed like I just couldn't get it to flow! 
Double ovals in the green parts this time instead of feathers, and in the large green centers, there are the double ovals and a swirl in the center. Doesn't it feel good when something finally works out?

The other day I mentioned GO!ing using a pattern by Pat Speth. Here's an example of the blocks using all scraps-- LOVE using up those small pieces of fabric and seeing the pile in that basket going down. I have 9 blocks made but it's in the To-Do pile until the green top is finished being quilted.
OOOPSSS!  I've got that outside piece on the left on backwards! Good thing for digital pics to find out early that it's got a booboo!

GIVEAWAY!  Did I mention I'll have my 1st give-away in October?  I'm trying to pick out something neat. Should it be a layer cake? a jelly roll? some yardage? some notions? some FQs? some patterns? a book? What a quandary!


fancystitching said...

WOW!! You really have TREASURES in those boxes!! They all will make very neat quilts. The green quilt is turning out wonderfully!!! That is a very interesting pattern, and your quilting really does add to the design.

Now, about your new name to your blog... what exactly does Pashofa mean? It is NOT in my dictionary... I looked. I'm guessing it is a combining of words... like "path-of-a" quilter. Am I close??


Linda said...

I agree with Kat, lots of treasures! I'm so glad she asked. I was thinking kind of like her too...path of a but we were way off.

The green quilt is looking great. I guess the 3rd time is the charm. I'm looking forward to the giveaway. I still have to decide what I'll be giving too. Decisions, decisions. hugs from Texas, Linda