Thursday, September 23, 2010

what is PASHOFA?

My Loo-ziana friend Kat says "what's pashofa?"  Pashofa is a Native American dish eaten by several tribes but we see mostly Choctaws and Chickasaws at our store. The actual product is called Pearl Hominy-- that's the white stuff you see in the colander to the right. It's from maize or corn, hulled and broken. Here it's been cleaned and washed and is now ready to cook.

These days, some people use their crock-pots to cook the pashofa slowly. In the old days, and lots of times still at "events", the pashofa is cooked in a very large kettle atop a wood fire. It doesn't take much for a family meal- a cup will probably do because it swells as it cooks and absorbs water. If you use 2 cups, it most likely will overrun the pot! Anyway, you put it on the stove and cook like beans.. sort of.  Make sure to keep plenty of water in it, add some fresh pork & cook it slowly. It seems most people eat this dish as is but if I were to make it, mine would have jalapenos in it!  Of course everything I make has jalapenos in it!

So why am I "The Pashofa Quilter"? The original name of my quilting business is Heirloom Quilting. Doesn't that sound stiff & stuffed shirt-ish? Well, that was back in 1995 when I bought my Gammill. We sell Pashofa (the raw stuff) at our store and people all over the U.S. have called to order it. So we're getting a new website update and using the word "pashofa" to make it easier to find.  Why not be "The Pashofa Quilter"? I thought it'd be easy to remember for customers who hit our store on the way through town and stop in. We have quilts all on the walls above the inventory so maybe it'll help them remember how to find us.
Currently there IS a website and the new URL is The new one isn't up yet but when it is, it will have quilting stuff as well as pashofa available to buy online and either URL will access it.

Did you sew today? I did not. I did a little work on my 1st sock to knit but otherwise it was grocery stuff all day!  I thought about sewing, though, does that count?

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fancystitching said...

Well, now we know, and BOY was I off-base! HAHA!

Very interesting stuff.... so it would be kind of like hominy mush??