Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cat eats chex mix & other non-news

When's the last time you had a kitten? We have a kitten who likes Chex MIx!  I haven't given him the pretzels but he loves the little cereal pieces.  This particular kitten also likes Fritos and Potato Chips!  His name is Boo-Tu-- it's an Indian name, DH says! Here's the scoop: the kitten has blue eyes but we already have a cat named Boo-I's (short for blue eyes) ((also an Indian name)). So this kitten is Boo-Tu which is short for "blue eyes too." Other cats' names Indian, too?  Yep:  Yellabelly (guess), Blackie, Beamer (he's black-n-white > B-n-W>BMW>beamer, see?), Little Bit ( he just fit in the palm when he showed up at our home 15 or 16 years ago!).  Then there's Knotty-Potty. DH rescued her from Copperhead Corner. Knotty Potty had evidently been thrown from a car or else banged on the head because she still to this day has a dent in her forehead, and she hid behind the toilet for 3 days. Probably had a concussion, poor thing. So the "knot" on her head sparked her name.
Just a note- all the cats except the kittens are spayed, neutered and they all just "show up" here. Must be a sign out front.......

I started a new quilt yesterday but hardly got to quilt on it until this evening. Want to see? The print in the border is echoed, inside border is edge stitched and then simple cable around those flowers. General feathers all over the inside. I love doing feathers since they can be varied in size to fit whatever space. Great fun!

My quiltin' buddy Chris was here today checkin' to see if I'd kept it neat & tidy since the last time she checked on it.  I passed the test! Chris laid these out which reminded me I hadn't shown them when I worked on them.     Pretty neat stitching, huh?  These shapes are cut out with the GO! cutter, the embroidery is done with my Bernina using Sarah Vedeler's software called Be Dazzled. If you follow all the directions, it'll make a beautiful quilt. I was just trying it out and I did not take time to read the directions. Who wants to waste valuable sewing time reading directions?   Just kidding, I did  "skim over them"!  This 1st picture is the best one--of course it was the last one! I had to practice & remember how to do this embroidery thing.   The round one and 3-in-one -- I can't remember for sure. I think I did the single round one because the 3-in-1 called for using the mega hoop -- it has 3 positions on it and I'd never been successful using it before. 

You can see that the stitching is opposite where the patches are--that's my fault. Isn't the stitching beautiful?  My Gammill did not come with Regulated Stitching- there wasn't such a thing when I bought mine in 1995. So for 10 years I worked hard to be able to retrace my stitches by hand on that big machine. It just amazes me that the embroidery softwear does it so perfectly!

oh, I should give a link to see this software!  CLICK HERE


fancystitching said...

GEEZE... and I thought WE were over-run with critters!

Beautiful quilt and REALLY neat applique. I'm amazed and that too... never really got into the machine applique stuff, because I don't have time, but I am loving the looks of that!


SewCalGal said...

I do love Sarah Vedeler's ME designs, especially her GO! Bedazzled set. And I love the fabrics and thread color you selected. Beautiful. Can't wait to see what you create with it!