Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quilt Bloggers' Festival

Amy's Creative Side is hosting this fall's Quilt Bloggers' Festival starting next week. It is not judged or juried-- it's for everybody! I'm an everybody! (Actually, here at our house, I'm "nobody", as in:  who did that? NOBODY!   Hubby is "somebody", as in:  SOMEBODY better do so-n-so.)  But in this case, I'm an everybody.   So I'll join in. The question is just when I'll get to join in.  As I understand it, there's 1 week to get your name on the linky-list so people can find us and the week starts on Friday, Oct 29. I will be at SchoolHouse at Market on the 29th and still at Market through Sunday the 31st which means I might be too amped to even remember the computer for a couple of days.  By the time I settle down and get the linky-thing done, there could be a 1000 blogs already listed!  Oh well. 

Why will I be so "amped"?  My friend Liz Hoffman is coming from Sweden for her first Market.  The two of us plus the two ladies  that have the Bernina shop/quilt shop in Ardmore are going to Houston together so  this will be a "girl's night out" except it will be for FOUR DAYS!  Remember that hubby is a slave-driver-- 6 days a week, work, work, work.  So this 4 days with quilting friends plus a whole world full of quilters at Market will be better than a vacation at any resort you can pick!

In truth, sweet DH isn't really such a slave-driver. If you own your own small business of any kind, you realize that if you're not there to do it, you're not making any money.  For example, say you're a professional longarmer but you're lazy and don't do it very often. You wouldn't make much money in that business, huh?  Hubby owns a small grocery store with just the 2 of us as its "employees" so if we're not there-- guess what?  No new dollars!  Technically, DH can do it all by himself but that's a lot of running front-to-back all day. I know I wouldn't be able to take it!  In this case, I've engaged an experienced helper for him so I'll be FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST!  I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

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fancystitching said...

I am SOOOOO jealous! Have a wonderful time!! I really hope next year I can go. I will probably drop into festival this year, since I will be in the area anyway.

I want a FULL report of what you bought... I need something to drool over, even if my budget can't afford it right now.