Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Dog ate my socks!

Remember that picture of the knitting needles and the yarn-- just yesterday? or day before? I was so excited to see the sock beginning to develop-- the foot part. Keep in mind that this is the 1st time I've ever tried socks so I'm not familiar with it!  I had both sets of needles/socks/yarn IN THE BAG ready to carry to work yesterday,  went to shower, got out of the shower and what do I see????????????????????
THIS DOG  (sweet little thing!) was in process of destroying the whole thing!!!!! Can you say STOP IT loudly enough to stop a bull dog??? I CAN! and did!  (poor little scared doggie)  She dropped it all and ran out the door (good thing!).  One set was still pretty much in tact except 1 of the aluminum needles had been bent (Stan fixed it) but the other pair......OHHHHH the other pair!  1 of those pretty wooden needles hasn't shown up YET! All the stitches came off the needles and the yarn was all tangled up as if the cats had done it! In fact, If I hadn't SEEN the dog with it all, I would have accused the cats of doing it.  I ripped out several rows until the dropped stitches/loops of yarn were gone and put all the stitches back on the 3 needles. But remember, I'm not familiar with socks and this part is where the heel flap starts getting put back with the rest and start knitting the foot.  Even though I've got all the stitches there, I can't tell which needle the stitches are supposed to be on so I don't know where to decrease, etc.  OH the trials & tribulations of having pets. ....  and caring for out-of-town son's pet.  But let's be clear--- pets are far more important than that little sock. Stan's says just start over- I may have to do that!

BTW, I'm loving all your comments for the give-away. Can't wait til tonight to get to surf and see all y'all's stuff! When I get home from work I've GOT to quilt but later this evening-- look out, internet! I'll have another give-away after this one. The piles of stuff to share are growing!  And if I don't get rid of some of it, how can I justify getting any more????????

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fancystitching said...

OH NO! When I read the title I thought, "Surely, NOT the hand-knit socks!" GEEZE... sounds like a doggie time-out is called for.

My dog played with my knitting on the 2nd pair I did. Thankfully she did not do much damage, and we promptly went out and bought her some doggie toys. Now she never even pays attention to my knitting.

Hope it doesn't take too long to regroup and reknit!