Saturday, October 2, 2010

SOCKS OK! and Quilting on the Green

It's gonna be alright!  I'm working on the heel of the aluminum needles sock now (having lost patience yesterday trying to get all the stitches back on the wooden needles).  While I was knitting on the sock today, it dawned on me -- since I was just doing the heel on the 2nd sock-- that all I have to do to the wooden-needle sock is rip it out to right where the heel starts, then all the stitches will be the same & I can just do the heel again, not the whole thing!  Isn't it nice to be able to back away from things for a bit to see what ideas develop?  Sometimes I'll get stuck starting a border - either patchwork or quilting - and have to stop to think about it awhile. A few years ago, I'd go to the pasture with Stan in the afternoon & while there, an idea would suddenly begin to develop.  Because it's so peaceful there- the organic fields & veggie gardens, the sunshine, nature's sounds and smells, I was sure (am sure) the Holy Spirit was sparking my imagination- or even putting the ideas in my head ( empty as it is, it wouldn't be hard!). He probably had to thump me to get the idea in this morning!

Anyway, I showed you the culprit sweet bull dog this morning, would you like to see OUR dogs? Meet Buster & PeeWee.   They're American Eskimos and they're LOVIN' this cool morning/cool evening time.  In the winter they'll even go out in the snow and stand in it, not even blinking if the snow hits their eyelashes. The boys make great cowdogs when they're needed and they love to ride in the tractor with Stan, one on the left and one on the right- always sitting in their same places.

And this afternoon the Green Quilt will be finished.
You saw the green thing, right? Look Here. It'll be a lovely quilt now that I got over the block in my head about it- and then we get to start on a new one! 
OSU won Thursday, perhaps OU will win today. GO SOONERS!

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Julie said...

I have a dog that looks like your American Eskimos. His name is Teddy. His mom was a Spitz and his daddy was a traveling man. He is a really special dog.