Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blue finish

Here's a quilt now quilted that is all blues. Blues, and then some more blues.   The pattern is one of Judy Martin's, and I've quilted some other ones made from that same book.  This quilt's maker ( I have no idea who it was) used fabrics that were low thread-count. I hadn't seen such fabrics in a long while. Actual prints are from years ago because I remember buying some like them but they were better quality than these. I wonder if the older calico companies "sell" their designs or plates or whatever to other companies to reproduce in cheaper greige (sp?) goods?


Fresh Poppy Design said...

Wow the piecing on that quilt is amazing! I can't tell the quality of fabrics, but it looks gorgeous to me!! :) Thanks for your comment...I love how crafts recycle themselves!

Jansie said...

Wow, that is really lovely. I love the design and the colors. That must have taken ages to finish!!