Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mint Cleaner Giveaway? Sounds good to me!

There's a give-away at that sounds really good! Have you heard of that ROOMBA thing? I think that's the name. It's a sweeper robot that cleans the floors.  The previously mentioned blog shows a Mint Cleaner that apparently does about the same thing.  Boy! Could we use that?

The hardest part of cleaning our home is the floors.  Several years ago we changed from carpet to tile floors... the whole house!  No more cleaning carpets around here! and that's a good thing because there are LOTS of feet coming and going around here.  How many, you ask?  Let's see....there are PeeWee, Buster, Yellabelly, Littlebit, BlueEyes, Stanley, BooToo, Murphy, Cricket, Blackie, etc.  You get the idea.  That list was only part of them. And, I guess, I have to include myself.

When we chose the tile, we thought light would work best to reflect as much daylight as possible.  We didn't stop to think about dirt & stuff being tracked in.  So... sweep or vacuum the floor and it looks great. Dare to take a step outside and back in, or let 1 of the animals in, and there goes the floor!

Leaves are bad right now, also chips of wood in front of the wood burning stove where we built the fire. If it rains or....snows... or anything else the least bit damp-- half the front yard comes in on our feet!  So wouldn't it be loverly to win the mint cleaner?  Go see it!

I am  participating in Infarrantly Creative and Tatertots and Jello’s Blog Hop for a chance to win a Mint Cleaner. It is the revolutionary machine that cleans your hard floor surfaces for you.
Click here to join the blog hop and a chance to win!
The Mint Cleaner is  available at the following places:

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