Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy BD, Hubby! Beautiful day.....

Wasn't it a beautiful day?  and it's Stan's BD!
And it was a successful day. Some sewing, some embroidery, some cutting, some quilting. Now, if I could just figure out the camera!  Recently, I got a Kodak pocket sized camera - not too expensive.
 While in Houston at Market, the camera just quit! I thought the battery was run down- in a short time, too. But even though I plugged it in, it wouldn't take a charge and couldn't turn it on.  Today I tried using it. Worked fine for 3 or 4 shots, then the last time I used it the thing won't turn off!  And it wouldn't register on the computer so I could transfer the pics. Hmmmm...  popped out the battery a sec, back in and now we're operating again, but for how long?  OH well....
There's a project in the Creative Machine Embroidery issue that has a free embroidery file to download to make small stuffed "signs".  One says "Give Thanks" and the other says "Peace".  The article showed the  first one in green so I used one of the pieces from a bundle like this one.
This stuff is real wool and wonderful to work with. The one I used was labeled "leaf" green.  It stitched up very nicely. The piece looks small here, it's about 4" by 6" and has a little batting stuffed into it.

While these were being embroidered, I cut out half a quilt. Have you seen Gerri Robinson's quilt called 
Lumiere Waltz ? It's in the Chrstmas issue called America Quilts for Christmas. I wanted to use my GO! cutter and scraps on the quilt so I'll be piecing mine a little differently.  I'm starting with 5" squares and I got all the red and all the cream cut while the embroidery was happening.

Press the scraps. Cut with the GO!  start sewing! This was the selection of reds.  Here are the piles 
when I got through:  the 5: squares,  the trash, and the left over pieces that can still be cut 
into more pieces:
Perhaps I'll get to start sewing on this tomorrow? Just what I need, another project started. 
But hey! I did get 3 little things completely finished today!

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fancystitching said...

Please tell Stan Happy B-D for me!! Hope he had a great one.

I LOVE your "give thanks" embroideries!! They are so sweet!!

Looks like you had a great day... and how are you coming on your socks? Are you in the knit-along?
Inquiring minds want to know.