Monday, November 29, 2010

Quilting Marathon ended

What a marathon! I finished 2 quilts and most of a 3rd one but I got discouraged when I realized the tension wasn't good in 1 area so it needed to be frog-stitched (rippit, rippit, rippit).  The 1st quilt I finished has already gone back to its owner. Here's a pic of the 2nd one and really, I did more than quilt it, so it ought to count as 2 or 3 done!  I've got this one bound, too! 

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to quilt my own quilts! I was excited to try this pattern way back in the spring but didn't like it as well as I thought I would when it was done.  Now that it's quilted, I love it! 
Seems like that's always the way it is-- even the ugliest tops are beautiful 
when they get that 3rd dimension added by the quilting.  
I'm having lots-o-trouble with the ring finger on my right hand. DH says it's "Arthur" coming to visit.
"Arthur" is arthritis, you know.  But the licensed doctor 
(not Dr. Stan the hubby)
said it's NOT Arthur-- it's just an inflammation of that joint. Probably go away 
with NSAIDS, etc. Ever since all that chopping/slicing/stirring on Thanksgiving Day,
I've been willing (almost) to not even have that finger anymore!
Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to hand-sew the binding down on this quilt.
The striped binding was done by machine- but it looks good and even better: 
It's wonderful to have a full FINISH! 
and another quilt mostly done - just gotta redo that 1 part and keep on keepin' on for 
a couple more passes. 
I also had a revelation yesterday. I must have ADD or something.  Maybe ALL quilters do and 
that's why we all have so many UFO's (unfinished objects) or 
WIP's (works in progress).  I kept wanting to "take a break" and work on a different project.
There's a quilt by Jerri Robinson in a magazine that I wanted to make. 
It's reds and creams with lots of pinwheel blocks. 
Instead of following the directions, I used a method I saw on a you-tube video 

I used my Accuquilt GO! cutter to make 5" squares from scraps, both reds and creams. See the squares above, and the little pile of leftovers that can be cut in some other shape, and the skinny "trash" pieces?  The GO! lets us cut lots FAST!
So then, sew the squares RST, 1 red and 1 cream, 1/4 inch away from all 4 sides.
Use your Best Press on both sides
then cut twice diagonally lining up with your "corner" where you sewed

Press these open, seams toward the red. Don't they look Beautiful?  That Best Press
really does the trick! 

These made the greatest pinwheels ever!  They are SO straight and so fast because I didn't
have to sew ANY triangles together, just squares.

After pressing, I trimmed to 4-1/2" square. Center is "swirled" seam allowances. 
You know how to do that already, huh? 
Makes for perfect centers every time! 
I think there are 88 of these. I'm doing them in batches because, as I said, 
I think I have ADD! 


fancystitching said...

Really neat NST trick! I've seen this same technique used for SnS, but the points don't come out right.
LOVE the colors in your quilt, and the striped binding is the perfect finish for it!


Denise said...

I love the pix you did for this. I too watched the tute on Missouri Quilts, but it was so long, yours is nice and straight to the point!! I will definately save it under favorites to come back to. : )