Sunday, April 3, 2011

Break-even day

It's been a restful day even if the wind DID howl, and boy did it howl! Reminds of that state song about the winds coming sweeping down the plains (thanks for singing, Jane).  Too bad it's not RAIN sweeping down the plains. Wonder if I could learn a Chickasaw rain dance at this late age?

Two ladies came by today. One was Linda, the lady from the other day. She came back to acquire the "Advancing On" SnS book.  She had finished a runner using the option 1 which is the basic square in a square.  It worked SO well for her! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of her runner!
I hope Linda gets some more time to sew while SnS is fresh on her mind. It's easier to keep straight in the mind if hands-on practice takes place to settle it in. Seems her only problem is that it's flower garden time now. I understand! I'm trying to work on our so-called flower beds also. I'm adding mulch- or working on it. Can't do it all at 1 time. Don't even WANT to do it all at 1 time.  We'll be ordering some new top-o-the-line garden tools for the store this week so I'm trying to hold off until I get one of the new weeders. Talk about a valid excuse!

Another lady came also. Joanna makes clothes for doggies- cute stuff! She sells on EBAY under the name Stitches for Pooches, I think. I couldn't find it but I just went through a couple of pages.  I had NO idea that doggie clothing is so popular!  I do remember dressing our cats in doll clothes when we were little but these clothes are more like outfits for the critters to wear out in public!

Little by little, the studio is getting organized again.  There are just SO many projects to sew! All fun & games in lots of different colors. Should I dare to try counting all the projects-in-the-works? NO! Yet while Joanna was going through fabrics looking for suitable prints for dogs, I re-found lots of pieces I'd forgotten I had!  Now there are even MORE projects to get started on! I'm mid-way on the applique quilt that's on the table now & there's more tops in the waiting.

I've quilted with several kinds of thread these last 15 years- permacore, serger thread, King Tut, polyester embroidery threads, Masterpiece, So Fine and probably others. My favorite right now is So Fine by Superior Threads.

So Fine  comes in lots of colors. It's a 50 wt thread with low lint. Being a fine thread, it doesn't stand out like larger threads. The quilting texture shows without there being tons of thread sitting on top.
It's great to have actual thread cards so that the colors can be matched right to the tops-n-backs of the quilts-to-be.  One would think that 15 years in the business would net me lots of thread. Well, yeah, kinda.

These drawers are full of quilting thread but it never fails, the exact color I need is not there in the kind of thread I want to use.
You might wonder why one would have SO many threads. Sometimes I want the thread to show such as names or words, etc. Sometimes it needs no be seen such as for stabilizing blocks and block definition- different kind of thread.  Sometime the quilting needs to dress up the quilt top- maybe it appears sort of dull or boring. A sparkling thread such as the polyester embroidery thread 40wt can give it just the sparkle it needs. I did a QOV once that was pretty blah. Used a gold shiny thread and did feathers in all the navy blue blocks. Wish I could find a picture of it to show you!

Anyway, why the title- Break-even Day?  When the 2 ladies left I had enough $ to order thread for all those quilt tops you see hanging up there. Surely, you say, with all those threads in the drawers I don't need even more thread!  Yes  I do. I swear I do. Promise!

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fancystitching said...

I TOTALLY get the "thread thing"! I have started using PermaCore TEX 30 on most customer quilts. It is strong, comes in a million colors, and is finer than the TEX 40. My machine loves the 30, but not the 40 so much... 40 causes occasional loops on the bottom.

So you may have to reconsider giving up the SnS thing... it looks like there is a demand for it coming your way.