Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last weekend- Independence Day weekend- I finished 3 quilts. It was GREAT fun! Sewing, sewing, sewing! No other stitch has been stitched since then but I've been thinking about it alot. Does that count?  I had to catch up on some quilters' blogs so that filled a few hot summer evenings. Also my "studio" isn't AC'd during the day so it's hot when I get home from the store & I'm too feeble to stand the heat anymore. But now the weekends are a different story!
Here's one of the ones that I finished quilting last weekend.
Not sure how long ago this top was made- it's at least 5 years ago! Patsy & Chris & I went to a 1-day
quilt workshop in TX, seems like it was at Quilt Country before they moved to the new building.  We must have had to choose a kit because some of these fabrics are not in my stash.  The whole quilt is these little snowball blocks just alternating dark & light blocks. It finished at 48" by 60". The pics "kind of" show how the quilting in just the snowballs made the little quarter-square-triangles puff up. It was very therapeutic quilting all those spirals in the blocks. Quilting is such a tactile experience. Love it, love it, love it! 

I mimicked the spirals in the snowball blocks in the outer border and of course, sewed my little 
label in the corner when I added the binding.
I really like all the reds.  I have another set of red-n-whites that I've been collecting so there are a couple more R&W quilts coming....sometime.....

I also quilted the top I sewed while at the store last week.  There's a pattern by Julie Herman of JayBird Quilts in a magazine .  The key to that one was when Julie mentioned in the article that she used just 4 fabrics. There were 4 fabrics in a basket at the store that worked great. Here's how it came out. It's 80" x 80".

Go here to check out the getting the pattern and view several other quilts made by the same pattern. I really like the last pic where the maker used pastels set like a rainbow.

Looking at mine, I wish I'd added a solid black border but it's too late now! Oh time, maybe.

The 3rd quilt I finished was another little person quilt.  Can't remember now where it was but what caught my eye was the floral border that the quilter had used.   I have several florals in my stash from those days when Northcott fabrics could be bought at Hobby Lobby for decent prices.  I was still working at SWB/AT&T in OKC then so I know it was between 2000 & 2004. Before that time I was a little anti-manufacturer-collections because they'd seemed to overly matched, not enough texture difference, etc. But this one caught my eye because the same colors were in a stripe, a couple of different florals, tone-on-tone, etc.

Only 2 of those coordinates, though, went into this little quilt: the border fabric and the backing.  Here it is after pieceing, before being quilted.    If I  make this one again I
believe I'll use  an embroidery or  special fussy cut in the center plain blocks.

More later 'bcz hubby just said "thought you were gonna do some sewin' !"

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fancystitching said...

LOVE the red and white snowballs! You have REALLY been busy!