Monday, August 1, 2011

CON'-tent or con-TENT'

There are at least 673 quilty/crafty bloggers that have taken the "process pledge":
I, ________________, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.   I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.  

I thought that's what was happening when we write our blogs.  Are blogs diaries? Are they communication? Are they fun? YEAH! I read others' blogs more than I write my own- what else is there to do while DH is watching all those sports? There's hundreds of blogs to surf! Oh- I forgot, I can sew!  But, see, I spent 6 years staying 100  miles away from home before I could retire (the 1st time). So now I LOVE being home with hubby and though I also LOVE to sew, that chair beside hubby sure calls to me!
Sitting by my hubby is con-TENT'. I guess the rest of it is CON'-tent! Anyway, I added the "process" badge on the sidebar.

On the con-TENT' side of things, it dawned on me yesterday that I've had a dream come true! After I retired but before I became a grocer, every time we drove down Ardmore's Main Street & we'd see another empty building, I'd describe to Stan the quilt shop I could envision having there. He'd say "Oh, it's not what you think, not fun-n-games. It's a lot of hard work. Ya can't just sit-n-sew! Plus you'd never be able to pay the rent."  And yet, here I am, able to sit-n-sew quite often, in my own little store with some quilt fabrics, notions, etc just like a real quilt shop! or is that shoppe?  Now if I could just figure out a way to have a classroom, or get my Gammil down there....'d help if I could make it feel like a quilt shop at least in the little corner where quilty stuff is.

Here's 1 of the projects I've been working on today. LakeHouse fat quarters in my favorite color, purple.

I used printed papers called Star Singles by a lady in Edmond to sew the HSTs. Easy peasy!
Just layer 2 fabrics, WST, pin the paper on, sew, cut apart, remove paper, press carefully. It's great- especially for this quilt where half of the fabric was white. Making the HSTs this way ensure there are no purple seam allowances showing through the white.  When there's a few minutes between customers at our store, I can stitch a seam or two on my little Janome Gem. It worked out well in my tiny confined sewing space while ripping the paper off. The mess was at least all in one spot!

This is yesterday's project.
A friend had these old-timey applique blocks that were in perfect shape. A pillow used 3, 1 of them wasn't fully appliqued and the other 2 (green) are a small quilt & 1 to frame. Pillow needs another (4th) bag of polyfill.

Alphabets were on my mind lately. Got some new panels in at the store and coordinating fabrics. Sure makes for fun while passing time!  2 quilt tops are now awaiting the quilting machine.

Last weekend I got to quilt 2 tops from S Texas. Both were really fun. Orange isn't my favorite color...unless it's OSU orange!  
And the other was wonderful BRIGHT colors:
The method for this one is rather like Stack and Whack. The center of every block were different & had a kaleidoscope effect.



fancystitching said...

OH MY... you have been BUSY, girlfriend! I love the border treatment on the Lake House quilt!

Karen said...

Ok so when are you going to talk Stan the man into letting him bring you big O'l gammil down. You could make so much more $$$ if you had it there , oh yeah you could make loads giving lessons too. I'd be the first to sign up.
Love your blog and seeing what you've been up to.. Karen

Alicia said...

Hey Karen- there's no room at the inn! I wish we could get hold of Terry's buildling next door! It's just the right size for a "sewing studio"! The Gammill would fit in there! There used to be doors between the 2 buildings. I bet I could bust back through that wall!