Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pen pals?

Remember back to the time when we had pen pals?  Grade school. Charles Evans Elementary. (Evans Eagles, blue-n-white....) Remember when we used to write real letters to other cities asking for info so we could develop a  report.... or take a field trip to the local paper to see how newspapers are printed? Did you see the old type face stuff & how the type had to be set? Did you ever do that science fair project where the hard boiled egg slides through a milk bottle opening?  Have you seen a milk bottle?  Can you remember  when we had between-schools foot ball games and we even had cheerleaders! DH says there was even a basketball school vs. school. I don't remember that part- I'd have been practicing piano.

Sorry- I guess I got carried away.  Pen Pals. THIS BLOG is where I started. I watched the video so had to go check out the product. What got me to remembering was reading a blog by Nancy Murty, the lady in the video.   Check out this cute fabric line. I'd seen the name before but hadn't been familiar with all her artistry.  My interest, of course, is in the fabrics & quilts. Nancy does much more!   Click here to go visit her blog. Reading just a few posts I learned we not only have quilts in common: we have cats in common- kinda siamese but one darker than the other.  Looks that way, anyway.  Ours like that were named BuBu & Knotty-potty.  (She had a knot on her head where she got hurt probably when someone tossed her from a car. Baaaaad!)

So I felt as if I'd made a new friend today. Isn't it amazing how we can connect electronically? So many ways- FB, Twitter, about 20 other social sites. Blogs. Love blogs for seeing the quilts everyone else all around the world being worked on. So many people are SO talented and many of them are young-ish- say early 30s & under. That's exciting!

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