Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Finely-Made Quilt Top

In addition to all the quilty play I do myself, I also quilt QOVs and I quilt tops for "the public" (who's that??).  Occasionally I get to do some of Moda's quilts and that connection brought me this beautiful quilt top out of Arnold's Attic fabrics (by Moda, of course!).   Turns out this quilt top was made by a lady in Tennessee who hasn't been into quilting all that long but you'd never know it by the exact matching of almost every corner & point in the top! 
It took me awhile to decide exactly what I was going to do on this one. It was SO well-made that I certainly didn't want to hide any of the patchwork.  I also feel strongly that if not doing E2E, the blocks and sections (such as borders) need to be stitched in-the-ditch.  Usually SID (stitch in the ditch) is highly irregular because seams flip back-n-forth or don't match, or the top isn't exactly square, or other reasons.  THIS one, however, stitched very easily in the ditches. Here's a pic showing the SID and how bright that white looked before it was quilted.
There's an outside feather border and feathers in the dark setting triangles of the center. So I also put feathers in those white triangles in the border blocks and the center. The texture keeps the white from being so "white", don't you think?

Apparently I didn't get good pictures as the feathers in the center triangles don't even show up enough to see on the camera. Shuckins! Here's a sketch of the feathers, though. For some unknown reason, I really do better with the machine than I do a pencil.
THank you, Chelair and Lorinda for letting me work on this quilt!
I haven't sewn in the last 2 days -- I may be experiencing withdrawal! I'm at our store just now &
writing about this is making me itch to quilt! So, 'long about 2pm, that's where I'll be headed: home to quilt! One of Karen's quilt tops is already pinned on so I'll have fun-n-games awaiting me as soon as I can get the studio cooled off. Yippee!

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lissa said...

The quilt is wonderful. Thank you for such fantastic quilting.