Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Peachy Keen

It was a beautiful afternoon in the neighborhood studio today.  Had the sun pretty much blocked out where it couldn't cook anything in the sewing room! Had the AC on early in the day to get ahead of the heat. Had another beautiful quilt top to work on. My friend Karen has been prolific this year!  I don't know the name of the fabric Karen used on this one but I LOVE the backing--and I forgot to even take a picture of the backing!  Here's what the finish looks like:
And now some pics of the fun I had quilting! 

Earlier in the day I had come across a blog by a lady in Melbourrne, Australia. Her name is Desley
and I'm sure you'd love to see her quilting as much as I did....and will....bcz I'll be back, Desley! So just click HERE to be taken straight to her blog called Addicted to Quilts.


Karen said...

Beautiful Job on the Quilting!!!! I don't remember what the backing looks like though. That was a block of the month from somewhere. I think the pink & Blue are from Moda.

colleencl said...

What fun to see your quilting. I really love to see the swirls you did in the blocks. It's nice to see different techniques. I often have a hard time thinking about what to do in half square triangles.