Monday, September 19, 2011

2-day weekend

A 2-day weekend doesn't sounds so special....unless you run a business that's open 6 days a week!  This last weekend, though, we got almost 2 whole days off- we played hooky! For the 2nd time in Key Grocery history, we took a little time off.'s what happened.  We got a little of this:
yep!  real rain!  maybe a couple of inches of it!  You'd think the desert had moved to Oklahoma and Texas it's been SO dry this year.  Thank you, Lord, for this rain, every drop!  So this rain came on Thursday and Friday evening. The sound was so lovely and welcome.  There had been some discussion between cattle people last week about whether it was even feasible to plant winter forage for the cows vs. buying more hay from someplace up north.  This rain was a decision maker for Stan.  Get that ground broken up so some seed can be planted!  But when?  We don't get home til around 3pm on Saturdays & Sunday afternoon there's a doubleheader scheduled with a team Stan helps coach.   We opened the store bright & early Saturday morning.  Between 8am & 10am we had only ONE customer. Yeah, just one!  I guess everybody else was as thrilled with the rain as we were & they were out enjoying the clean air, etc.   Have you ever heard "the call of the tractor"?
Stan heard that call!  We were home pretty quickly and by 11am Stan was out in the field using that green John Deere toy.  He loves it!  The ground was just right for tilling.  He got about 25acres done plus he planted us some mustard green!  
It just so happens that the quilt I decided to work on was green too!

This is one that I pieced in March.  There was a contest on Moda Bake Shop- use one of the recipes from the site & update it with your own changes.  I didn't finish this in time to enter it. I modified the star points from the original, and I used a layer cake.  All that's left to do is bind it.  
It was a restful weekend- a little quilting/plowing therapy and Sunday for a day of rest (the doubleheader was cancelled because of the rain).  We both needed it. Desperately. We feel better now! 


Anonymous said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I have two granddaughters that LOVE green and would LOVE this quilt! :) Congrats on 2 days off! My hubby never had two days off in a row, or even in a week for over 30 years! He now works 3 12-hr days a week...because he was out of work for 2 years, went back to school and now became an LPN nurse at almost the age of 60~ :) We are enjoying his new found time!

fancystitching said...

Glad you got a little quilting therapy!! Love your quilt... The scrappy background for the stars really makes them POP! I love it when David answers "the call of the tractor", which is quite often since he is retired. Enjoy your rain! We got a little yesterday and perhaps will get a little more today.