Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Memories Suite Software

Cool Software!  I've tried to use digital software several times. I just can't make it look great like the pictures I've seen all over the blog world.  There's even More Reason now to want to use digital scrapbooking:  there will be tiny feet (grand child) around here before very long !

Yesterday I received a great invitation to try out the digital scrapbooking software called My Memories Suite . I've only just peeked at all the sets of layouts that are available on this site.  I just now downloaded the software- didn't take long, just a round or two of Mahjong on the ipad. Can you guess what the 1st file I used is?  Betcha didn't guess anything to do with a baby, did you????

We don't have that baby yet but I used the next best thing- baby's parents! This is my first try. I'll keep you posted on the progress....

Oh, and by the way,  stay tuned for a generous offer & giveaway from
I'll give you the details after I get a little more picture play done! 

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