Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Karen's 36-patch

This is one of the quilts I worked on last week. Karen just picked it up yesterday- hope she liked it!  Karen is one of the best scrap-users I've ever seen.  She makes lots of string quilts to use up lots but I really like this one for using up bigger pieces. 36 pieces in these blocks.
What do we quilt in 36-patches?  I dunno, let's see what comes out!
First, I stitched  between the rows & blocks.  Some people dont but I think the quilt looks
sharper if it is done.  Then I marked off some point around the outside of the blocks
and connected them all with sort-of blade-like whispy things. It was fun! Once I got going on the
pattern it was so much fun to do!

and on the back side:
Then of course I wanted to try something new for the borders, too. This one will take a little
practice to get it like I really want it. This was a fun quilt to play on!
Speaking of fun, the holiday season has arrived!  I've just come home from Quilt Market with some new ideas and some new products. In the midst of trying to get all that handled, it's time for all the Chrismas Candy we stock at our store.  It's not all  for Christmas, I guess, but our customers know that
we always have an ample supply of old-fashioned candies during November and December.
Several boxes of it............................
The box that I've REALLY been watching for came also:
It's from A Quilter's Eye in California.  When connected to my quilting machine
on the bottom portion under the quilt, I'll be able to SEE the stitching on the
bottom so that if the tension is off, I'll know it NOW, not later when I realize I'll have to
pick it all out!  Can't wait to get it connected!
Did I mention that I"m a new DEALER for this
wonderful product?  Yep! I am!

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Karen said...

The quilting is beautiful on the 36 patch . No matter how plain the quilt is, the quilting just sets it off. thanks so much.