Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What is your favorite color? I guess I have a lot of favorites, mostly jewel tones.  My very FAVoritist favorite is PURPLE!  Purple clothes, purple chairs, purple hair, purple fabric, etc.  I got a wild hair that I wanted a silver watch (all my other ones are yellow-gold types and some of them are YEARS old!).  I'd gotten a sale ad email from Macy's so that's where I went a-clicking.  Didn't find too many silverish watches that spoke to me but boy-oh-boy did I find PURPLE ones!

Ok, that .
next-to-the-last one is actually hot pink.  That's sort of purple, isn't it?  and the very last
one is actually a chocolate color with some pink gold-tone in it.  Cool huh? 
You know what bothered me when I was eye-balling these watches?  There wer
some that were made of PLASTIC that were about $285!  Yeah!  almost $300!!!!!
A few were made of silicone.  You mean like breast implants??????
And 1 was a very cool purple but it had some
designer's name across it and the price was over $300.  Shouldn't
THEY PAY US for advertising for them??????

I think I'll go back to fabric watching!

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